Top 7 Skills You Need To Learn Before Going To College

Hello Noob. Welcome to the internet! I have gone ahead and prepared a list of the 10 skills that are most important when going into college. Read them, learn them, use them.

Math – That is right kid. Math is important. You need that stuff. Most colleges have what is called “placement testing” and yes “Math” is a portion of it. Even art majors have to have the minimum of pre-calc or something of the sort… so get those flash cards out and begin.

Communication – Here is one for my fellow nerds. You love to spend time playing video games, however sooner or later, you will have to take a speech class to graduate. Better get use to being social now, before it gets really awkward.

Sleeping – This is one of the biggest skills you need to learn. Hibernation is what they should really call it. Yet in college you will be tempted every single hour of every day(after your freshman year that is) to hang out with someone, help someone else, or even study a bit more. However the biggest success for the next day is sleep. Hit that bed up at 8pm and be proud to tell your friends the next day!

Reading – If you were anything like me, you ended up never even touching a text book in high school. I mean come on.. those things were only good at collecting dust right? Well, guess what. In college you have to learn to read. Those online summaries are only so helpful when it comes to a project where you need to implement a Naive version of some algorithm before the clock strikes 11:59pm. It is necessary to actually at minimum scan over the books for your “major” classes. Yet don’t let this frighten you.. those cliff notes are pretty efficient for classes such as History…

Go To The Bathroom – Ha ha ha, laugh it up. But seriously. If you are in high school and are a junior or senior. Stop asking for permission to go to the bathroom. In college you are a fool if you raise your hand to ask to go to the bathroom. Save it. That hand raise is more important… like questioning the lectures motives. Simply be quite and as subtle as possible make your way out of there.

Research – Research is a skill. Start working on it.

Life Skills – Do some research, gather some life skills. Learn to sign a check, learn what leasing an apartment is like, figure out what one must do to get a loan. These are real world things you will have to do, so spot sitting still. Figure it out. It isn’t that hard! You got this!

Hopefully this post lives up to my idea of the once per month minimum I put on myself. Maybe it’ll help you, maybe it won’t. Either way, i’ll be seeing you all on the flip side!

Downgrading DNN 5.6.8 PE to CE (professional to community)[Updated]

Follow this guide:

with these updates:

1) Do steps 11 and 12 first.

2) Do not replace the Telerik editor with the fck editor. Leave it be in the web.config.

3) Wait until right before you restart the site to remove the Professional referenced .DLL files from the bin folder.


Hope this helps others.


Update: Make sure you right click on the zip file and unblock it in windows before trying to do your update.


Over the past couple days I have been pondering how to make a parser of any sorts. It intrigues my brain when people talk about building compilers and assemblers and such. So to start things off I have begun working on a simple project of my own. It will be a tool/class that will help myself while developing.

The C# Class is named JSON and as of this post only has the function to minify. Yet there will be more to come as I keep developing it. Keep an eye out on github, and if you want to contribute feel free to fork the code and make a pull request if you so wish.


Installing AMP on Ubuntu ( Apache, MySQL, and PHP)

Heads up! I know I am couple decades off on this post, however this is again just a document for myself. Yet I am choosing to share it with the rest of the world as well.

Before this small tutorial be sure to restart apache after each step. You can use either snippet below in the terminal to do so.

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart


sudo service apache2 restart


Installing Apache:

Step 1) Open terminal via any way possible.

Step 2) Copy and paste the command below and press Enter.

sudo apt-get install apache2

Step 3) Open and point a local web browser at http://localhost/ to test.

Installing PHP:

Step 1) Open terminal yet again.

Step 2) Copy and paste from below.

sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5

Step 3) Test PHP by creating a temp document in your /var/www/ folder.

test.php :

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Step 4) Save the file and open your web browser yet again. This time point her to http://localhost/test.php and see if anything loads.

Installing MySQL:

Step 1) Open terminal.

Step 2) Copy and paste from below.

sudo apt-get install mysql-server

Step 3) Follow on screen instructions.

Step 4) Edit the file /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and remove the semi-colon before “;”.

Step 5) Remember to restart and off you go!

Euclid Algorithm in C#

Over the past couple week I have been toying around with a cool algorithm called Euclid. The goal of the algorithm is to find the Greatest Common Devisor of two numbers.

To start out we will find the GCD(Greatest Common Devisor) of the numbers 252 and 105.

252 = 2*2*3*3*7 = (2^2)*(3^2)*7 = 21*12

105 = 3*5*7 = 5 * 21

means the GCD of 252 and 105 is 21

Now how does one do this via the Euclid Algorithm?

First you begin by dividing the bigger number by the smaller one…

252/105 = 2 remainder:42

Then you take the smaller number and divide it by the remained..

105/42 = 2 remainder:21

then again..

42/21 = 2 remainder:0

And that is how you can tell that 21 is your GCD.. because it is the number that can actually be divided by evenly with a remainder of 0.

Now I actually have written a program that does all this for you in so check out the code below and see if it works for you. Enjoy!

Tips for your First Week of College

Many of you may already know, however if you don’t allow me to educate you on where I am in my life. Currently I am just finishing up my first week at IUPUI which is a combined campus of Indiana University and Purdue University here in Indianapolis. I’m going for a degree in “Computer Science” and I am about 4 and a half hours away from any family.

Now knowing where I stand, here is a list of things I did during my first week in order to meet new people and stay satisfied with my dorm. (Dependent on campus being attended.)

Taylor Brazelton:

  • Bring a bike or scooter. – Trust me when I say you need to have a bike or scooter laying around… because all it takes is one distraction and then you looking at the clock. Once you notice you have a class in 10 minutes that your 25 minutes away from walking wise you’re going to have a bad day.
  • Leave your door open!(When your in your room) – If you want to be successful while at college you need to have a good social attitude. I personally was a nerd and thought I would keep to myself during college, however getting here I knew I had to make friends. Keeping my door open was a great opportunity to meet new people and get help when I needed it on move-in day.
    P.S. Remember to lock your door and close it when you leave.
  • Participate! – Most colleges fill the first week with multiple activities for incomming students to participate in order to meet new people. Don’t be shy, go to them and the friends will start accumilating. I wasn’t exactly an extrovert when arriving, however after the first cookout I was meeting people just as smart if not smarter than me, with comon instrests as I did.
  • Pass-Arounds. – Bring an inatimate object thats weird, but nothing something you’d want to keep. Then when someone asks you for help, the use of something, or to study together.. pass it to them. Then let them know that when someone does the same to them that they have to pass it on as well. It’s a great conversation starter and you can always find something neat to pass around. Prehaps you end up with a foot from a shoe store? That’s what I passed out.
  • Sandles! – This is not a game… Bring sandles for your showers and DO NOT take them OFF! Bad
  • Study! – Obviously in college your going to have to study, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. The best time I’ve found to study is right when I wake up. From 10am to like 2pm only stopping to eat lunch. Then from 2 to 5 I go down to the study lounge and check my problems/papers with the other people in my dorm to make sure I did my best. Then at 5 I go get some dinner with my study buddies and then to the lobby dorms to play cards or some kind of mind streaching game. (These are my saturdays…) You’ll have to mess with what I did to get it to fit your lifestyle but always remember to study 20 minutes at a time and then take a 5 min break… Eat an apple or drink some milk.


Dan Smith:

  • Flirting! – There are many good looking girls at college so dont be afraid to go up to them and talk.  Get to know them and ask them questions like :”What is your major” and “Were are they from”. You may possibly get their number in return for being friendly.  Remember they dont know who you are either!
  • Eating! – Be sure to eat  healthy so you can do well in college and stay at the top of your game.
  • Classes! – Do not be late for class.  That is the fastest way to get your professiors mad at you very quickly.  Do not be afraid to talk to your proffessors. They are there to help you pass this class.  Study with people that also have the same class as you so you can get good grades.  Dont be afraid to express your opinion.  Not everyone will be think the same thing as you but you will be surprised at how many think similarly as you.
  • Diversity! – Do not be afraid to try new things and always keep an open mind.
  • Friends! – do not be afriad to make new freinds.  There are many new people to meet and new things to see when a person goes to college, so try to stay active and get involved in activities expecially thoes that your friends are doing as well.
  • Parties! – I’ll let you be the judge of what parties you go to and the ones you don’t but before you go to them ask yourself this.  Will I later regret going to this party in any way and will it jeopardize my college career?


(Subject to Change)

SkyDrive Upgrade! Better Hurry!

It seems that Microsoft is about to start compete with Dropbox finally. Even though SkyDrive has been around for a long time, they are now pushing the issue of charging for space. Its going to be 7GB free, 10GB at $10, and so on going upwards. So if you want to keep your free 25GB you’d better shoot your way over to and look for the banner at the top allowing you to keep your beautiful storage the way it is.


[Source: ]

Thoughts on WP7 Data…

Today I went through a tutorial on building a simple application with the new LINQ to SQL that is now supported on the Mango. My opinion on it.. Not a very good option for developers to choose at the current time to be their main source for data entry. I suggest you still use XML files and Isolated Storage in your application. Especially if you want to worry about getting your application on the market in a timely manner.

My worst pet peeve was having to type out the source for each data class. You might like it, and the control you can have over the data you store or receive but I’m goanna wait to support their database in my applications until they release a more visual editor or something to generate the “boring” code by it’s self.

Tell me what you think about the new database solution the WP7 team has put together for us by leaving a comment below.

How To Get Free Software as a Student

Tux IllustrationIf you’re a student at any school, the chances that you will pay for software are very slim. Here is a few simple methods and donors of software that may come in handy during college, high school, and possibly even middle school.

First off lets list your options on how you can go about obtaining software as a student. You could happen to ask your parents for the money, but no one likes begging. Maybe you know of some illegal websites that allow P2P downloading of all sorts of illegal software;this may seem like a good idea at first but once your thesis paper gets wiped clean after months and months of work because of a stupid virus, you might rethink the idea of downloading your software illegally again. Then there is always finding an alternatively free and possibly open source software that lets you do the same things that the big brand software does (A suggested choice).

Those are all applicable ideas however out of the three I have stated, I believe the best idea is one that isn’t actually listed. Most software developers aren’t out to suck you dry money wise, rather they are usually helpful people just trying to make a living solving one niche at a time. So don’t think they are evil people just because they sale their ideas/products.

Solution #1

Don’t be hasty, relax and find the publisher of the software’s website. This is unimportant except for the fact that you’ll need to locate the developers email and what better way to do that than from the site the person probably had some say in developing in the first place.

Now that you have their email don’t rush into writing a long essay type letter about why you need the software and how better it would make you. That’s the last thing a software developer is going to want to do is read another book. Instead think of how their software can help enhance your education and sum that up into around 2 to 3 sentences and let that be the middle of your email.

Now you need the think of how to introduce your email so that the developer stays focus log enough to get the jest of the email. You’ll need something catchy and exclusive but not enough so that it’ll make the developer think that you’re a spam bot.

Bad Example:

“Hi there, my name is T-Brazzel I am an awesome person here at bla bla bla college and I need YOUR HELP! In fact If you do help me with this issue I might throw in a free blablabla”

Above equals spam basket. You’ll need to write a more personal yet intuitive email that doesn’t seem like your trying to sell the man a TV item. Plus throwing in free stuff won’t speed up the time that the developer checks his email anyways, have patients.

Now it’s time to write your ending. This isn’t a paragraph this is just something to make your email look more professional. You don’t need much, except maybe a signature such as the following.

-Taylor Brazelton(Ryanb58)-
[email protected]

Remember to include a very easy way to get in contact with you, don’t always rely on the fact that the developer can just hit the reply button and get in touch with you. Also if you have a personal website or social network group you’d like to share with the developer don’t be afraid to put that down in there as well. Plus you can see at the top I make sure to put my full name and then also enlighten my fellow e-mailer’s on what I go by online as well.

Now here is the most important part of the process… You now need to get someone to re-read your email incase you made any grammatical errors or maybe something just doesn’t click exactly how you picture it in your mind. Your best source is the ones right under your feet.. Check with your mom, dad, siblings.. and if those don’t exist go ask your best friend to review it. Trust me after going through that you might just have a good convincing email that will in fact help you out financially with your software struggle.

Solution #2

This solution is simple as pie… Okay, I admit it’s easier than that. Some developers and big time companies offer discounts and their software freely to students who have a .edu email or have the time and patients to go online, fill out a form, and wait for their teachers to approve that they exist at that university. Use your student status and get approved for free software as soon as you can. Sometimes these types of offers are limited. A couple I know about are listed below.

If you know of anymore don’t be afraid of leaving a comment with the link below.

Now go and enjoy the knowledge I have provided for you.