First Place System Administration using CISCO

This was my last year to compete at BPA for my district compeition. In the past years I’ve always gone with XHTML or just testing over Web Design, however this year being my second year of CISCO training towards my CCNA I was givin the opurtunity to compete in the test over CISCO. Long story short, I ended up winning 1st place here in my district and will be advancing with 2 of the other top test takers. From there who knows; maybe I’ll end up going to nationals.

Also for those that don’t know, I am competing in a Network Design Proposal for State. So far me and my team have put around 20 hours into the project.. and hopefully will have around 10 to 20 more hours by the end of these next 2 weeks or so. Please give us your best as we make our march on to state in March.

Check if PHP is Installed

Quick tip for the day. How to check if PHP is installed on your machines server or not.

  1. Open up Notepad
  2. Type in the following:
  3. Now save the document as “phpinfo.php” and open it up in your web browser.
  4. If you get a webpage popping up with all your php info in it, then php has successfully been installed on your machine.

Enjoy :)