Going mobile?

After much assessment I have realized that all things will go mobile. Maybe there to big now or to heavy codded. However I believe that one day you’ll be able to do everything you computer can mobility on your PA(personal assistant). What do you think?

Captivate the whole picture

This is my blog so I can vent freely right? Well I’ve been waiting for android 2.2 on my Captivate by Samsung device since it’s release in August. It’s been over 2 months now and some phones are starting to even get updates to their 2.2 devices. I’ve been really patient but since the release of the Tab, I’d kind of like some attention for Samsung and let them know I’d like my device updated from 2.1 to 2.2 already. I hope they somehow see and listen to this post.

Anyways like everyone’s life, school comes first, or should on that fact. Well as you might know I’m in a class for CISCO networking at a career and technical center that’s branched off my original school. Well I’ve decided to update you on what we’ve been doing, and it’s really not that complex. We’ve been working with router configs and such in order to hook up 2+ computers via ethernet cables to their own routers, then attaching a switch and then assigning static IP’s to all of the connected computers. It’s been an actually cool class, and every now and then we have small visitors from middle schools and elementary schools pass by that we get to wave and and pretend to talk like we know a lot to. It’s been pretty amazing so far.

Well I hope you had a great Halloween week! It’s been pretty fun with me, I’ve spend time with amazing friends, and even got to dress up with gold hair! I doubt I’ll post any pictures though. Remember to drop me a line via email or twitter sometime!  I end this post with a smile and an explosion! :)

Windows, Mac, or Linux?

Very debated question here, and a very touchy subject. However I’m willing to go the distance to find out the real answer! let me know which you like better and why in a comment below! Check out the video because it explains everything! Also one random person will be FEATURED! That person could be you! So leave your comment below!

Messing Around With Netbook Operating Systems

That’s right, I got a netbook to mess with. But with it running Windows 7, i kind of want to take the bulk off it, and let it just be for cloud computing. So here I am, what to do? Simple I went to a few search engines and came up with a few mobile operating systems for it! Here is a simple list of just a few I’d like to share with you!

So now you know what I’ve been doing and am still doing in my spare time;)!

Ubuntu’s remix for Netbooks Cheap Wireless Card

Alright, so a few days ago I was playing around with Ubuntu’s remix of their OS for netbooks. When I went to connect to the internet using my Dell Latitude 2110 it didn’t recognize my wireless card. I knew I had to have some wireless card or USB adapter that would allow me to get my wireless internet.


If you have one of the 1st generation Nintendo DS’s then you probably know that in order to play online against other people, you have to have a special Nintendo/Buffalo adapter plugged into your computer and a specific server software to use it. Well then again, if you plug it into any PC running Ubuntu there is already a built-in buffalo driver that will pick up the USB adapter and use it as a wireless card! Give it a go, i know you can find these USB cards on eBay for cheap. Good Luck!

Netbook for local school students.

I live here in Evansville, IN. We’ve been one of the lucky few chosen cities to try out using netbooks in school classes. Last year we had HP’s however the school decided to sue HP because some students that couldn’t afford the netbooks, yet still got them, then wouldn’t pay for them once they got them. A very stupid reason to sue.

This year we are using Dell Latitude’s 2110 with out the touch screen feature. Here are some youtube videos I’ve already put up on the device. Sorry for the horrible quality though, they are recorded with my LG xenon.



I know their pieces of junk pretty much with all the security software and stuff, however a good technologist like me should be able to do some… tweaking to get what they want done.

Also check out my new mobile v-log RyanByAir. There are videos only from my mobile phone, uploaded directly and unedited to the YouTube channel, so go check it out and let me know what you think:)

4 Things to Always Keep in your Pockets(guys)

Alright, you’ll almost never catch me out and about with at least 3 of these 4 items.

First off is my wallet. It’s where I keep all my money, information, and important cards. It also helps to carry a simple guitar pick with you, which if you know how, you can do way more things with rather than just play the guitar. But a nice tune every now and then is also good to hear.

Second would be a key ring. it’s a good thing to have because as obvious by it’s name, it carries your keys to your home, apartment, and maybe even your car keys. Also in a life death situation, should you be in one. You can stretch out a medal key ring to help you link 2 pieces of wire together to blow up all the zombies attacking(Movie: Zombieland).

Third is my cell phone. I can’t go anywhere with out it. It’s my universal communicator and I love it to death. It’s got all the way access to calling or receiving any text messages for me, myself, and I. Anyways… how else would I communicate with the ladies? ;)

Forth and final would have to be a simple MP3 player. You know when you stand in those long long long lines that take forever? Well that may as well be the time to listen to a new song you just downloaded or maybe have an audio book play for you. Either way those fast food restaurants aren’t always as fast as you think, so remember to sync before you leave.

What is an item you always carry around with you? No matter how weird, theres always a reason for it… Right?

Making My Own Username For the Web

On the web almost no one goes by their real name anymore. This is because of privacy, when a person is online they can be anyone they want to be… Say you have a guy named “Bob” and he wants to criticize a blog post of one of his friends. In this situation, he can either tell his friend about his mistakes and risk his friend getting mad at him, or he can leave a comment on his blog via a different username, say “Elvis” perhaps.

Now I’m not saying it’s OK, or you should have a false username but in the situation “Bob” was in, it seemed acceptable. Usernames should be something unique, it should say something about you as a person.For example lets take apart my username “Ryanb58”

Ryan – My real middle name.

B – The first initial of my last name.

58 – A random number I just happen to like a lot at the point of creating my name.

See almost all of the parts of my username have to do with me. So maybe your name is “Eugine” and you want a cooler nick name for the web, in this case maybe don’t use your first name. Do you have a cooler maybe more elegant middle or last name? By all means use it if you do.

Usernames don’t even have to represent you if you don’t want. Say your a republican and your on a democratic website or forum. I’d personally name my self something that people wouldn’t know me as. Like Little-Larry or something. All is fair in the game of politics right?

Maybe you have a cool username or maybe a funny one. Let us know your username in the comments below and maybe explain how you gave yourself that name, don’t be afraid to post your username even if it has nothing to do with you!