4 Things to Always Keep in your Pockets(guys)

Alright, you’ll almost never catch me out and about with at least 3 of these 4 items.

First off is my wallet. It’s where I keep all my money, information, and important cards. It also helps to carry a simple guitar pick with you, which if you know how, you can do way more things with rather than just play the guitar. But a nice tune every now and then is also good to hear.

Second would be a key ring. it’s a good thing to have because as obvious by it’s name, it carries your keys to your home, apartment, and maybe even your car keys. Also in a life death situation, should you be in one. You can stretch out a medal key ring to help you link 2 pieces of wire together to blow up all the zombies attacking(Movie: Zombieland).

Third is my cell phone. I can’t go anywhere with out it. It’s my universal communicator and I love it to death. It’s got all the way access to calling or receiving any text messages for me, myself, and I. Anyways… how else would I communicate with the ladies? ;)

Forth and final would have to be a simple MP3 player. You know when you stand in those long long long lines that take forever? Well that may as well be the time to listen to a new song you just downloaded or maybe have an audio book play for you. Either way those fast food restaurants aren’t always as fast as you think, so remember to sync before you leave.

What is an item you always carry around with you? No matter how weird, theres always a reason for it… Right?