Ad’s are OK on some Websites

Ad’s are annoying at heck, and I admit I’ve had them on my site before, however not past a certain point. The point of being over whelmed with ads is a very simple and yet wide observation. Here is a list of things to know if your a web developer or any software owner at all.

When are ad’s OK on your website, and when are they not?

  • Ad’s are never OK with any user, so don’t use to many of them. The amount of ads on your website should be an appropriate number such as 3 or 4, no more!
  • Ad’s should never and I mean NEVER slow down a users computer. A good example of poor use of ad’s on a website would be the famous Chris Pirillo’s website. It’s full of clunky and horrible ad’s that not only are annoying but are also placed where you can’t even tell if it’s part of the content or not. This is a horrible way to trick users into thinking your actually providing them with usable content.
  • Pop-ups, this is a widely debated type of ad. When a user loads a webpage or clicks a link to a site, a pop-up launches which is a webpage that sits in the background of your computer or in front of all the users WebPages they may have launched. I suggest you not use pop-ups because that’s just  another reason for a user to not use your site ever again. I’ve seen several friends and family that are just like forget this site, it’s so slow when the reason for the speed of their computer is because the site is trying to open an unwanted pop-ups.

I need ad’s on my website, it’s my only want of income. Where should I place ad’s on my site and how can I use them correctly?

Well first let me tell you there is no correct way to place ad’s on any website but if you must here are some Tips:

  • If the ad’s slow up the users computer then consider those users to of not even seen any of the content of your website before they shut their browser down. Flash and Silverlight ad’s use 3rd party plug-ins to view their content, try avoiding these kind’s of ads. If you must have animation in your ad try just making a simple GIF animation. You can make them using unfreeze GIF animator or even in Adobe Flash.
  • Don’t have to many ad’s on the face of your website. This is a no-no! Your user is more likely going to click an ad if there aren’t many to click and if your site has good content, mainly because they want your site to stay online for them to use again and again.
  • Misplaced ad’s are the worst, most people who misplace ad’s on WebPages or in applications are the people that use to many ad’s on their site in the first place. Please don’t be one of these people. If users and your mother can’t tell the difference between content on the web and the ad’s on your site then you defiantly need to place them in different spots. The sidebar is a nice place to put ad’s but put it at the bottom of everything else and don’t put more than one simple ad there. Maybe a square, but if a skyscraper ad is wanted then do so, just make sure the content is on top.
  • Site headers is a natural place to put ad’s. However putting more than one can start to get tricky. Try only having about one ad at the top of your page, and one at the very bottom of your page.
  • Blogs like to have ads between every post, and this is good because it keeps the blogger blogging and people like us getting useful and good information, however a good way to put ad’s in a blog would be to have one in the header and footer of your pages like I mentioned before but don’t put an ad between each post on your home page. Make the user click the blogs title or link to get to the page where they can only see that one single blog post, then have an ad under the post but on top of the comments.

Anyways, that’s just my opinion on ad’s floating around on the internet so tell me what you like and dislike with ads by leaving a comment below!