Simple Music SYNC for Android Phones… S-Droid

I know there are plenty of solutions that you can manage your music in and sync it to your android phone such as DoubleTwist, WinAmp, and The Missing Sync for Android and personally I use to use DoubleTwist as my favorite. Although now days it seems more and more time consuming waiting for DoubleTwist to scan my music files and sync them to my phone than I have time for.

My music collection consists of several hundreds of songs and I want my sync to go as fast, errorless, and as streamline as possible. I’ve finally created a simple Windows application that you can specify the location of your music, and then the drive letter of your phone(or SD Card in Phone) and have it copy your music over in seconds instead of minutes(unless you have a ton of music).

How to Install S-Droid:

First go ahead and head over to the download page in your favorite browser of choice and select the “Install” button(located at the bottom of this page).

Next you should see a Security Warning such as the one pictured below, press the “Install” button.


Next the application will download some online files it needs and check your OS for the .Net 4 Framework provided by Microsoft, if it does not find the Framework it will prompt you to install. Once the installer finishes it should Launch the program.


P.S. The music you want to be copied must all be either in the same folder, or you must select the folder the music is in individually. Current release ( does not include the feature to search through tree nodes for the music.

Download Link for S-Droid Application

By downloading the application S-Droid you take full responsibility if anything goes wrong with your phone or  any device you try and use it on. In no way is Taylor Brazelton, Ryanb58, or Tech-FYI responsible for any problems caused hardware or software. Please use with care and caution. I always suggest running a virus scanner before downloading anything else just don’t download the file. The application uses an active-X installer one-click created by MS VS 2010. Enjoy :D!

Tips When Re-doing Music Library

OK, so over the past years I’ve collected a ton of music in my library in itunes and in WMP. I’ve finally decided because of all the disorganization and clutter I want to restart my collection. So here are some tips and notes to myself and to you about what to do before, during and afterward.

  • Remove from library but do not delete actual files.
  • Drop extra music files into folder named “Unknown” and then rename the album property to name of folder.
  • Always keep a back-up of favorite music on external HD. Preferably a solid state drive.

Music from iPod to PC

If you’ve ever been through life with-out loosing your music library for iTunes at least once you are one of the lucky few. I’ve been with out my library for a long while now and yet all my music is sitting perfectly on my iPod Touch 2nd gen. Unfortunately Apple is to stupid to include a file system that is accessible via windows explorer or anything for that fact. Sharepod is a software created mainly on the .net 2.0 framework and it allows backing up and basically full management of your iProduct.

I suggest this product for almost anyone out there that has lost their library. Good Luck, you can download it via the link below or visit their home page.

Image(click to enlarge):

Share Pod Copying Songs to PC

Download Link:

Home Page: