How To Install Adobe Source Code Pro On Fedora 22 (Yoga 2 Pro)

If you code, you need a better font. I suggest Adobe Source Code Pro. Currently I am using it at work, home, in outer-space. Who knows where else it’ll end up. Join me and enjoy a better programming experience.

To install Adobe Source Code Pro on Fedora 22 down the “GNOME Tweak Tool”:

Then download the font:

Next open the tweak tool and select the “Fonts” tab.

From here you can select the exact fonts you wish your system to have. Source Code Pro will be apart of this list.

GNOME Tweak Tool Screenie


TOTD: Things To Do When Installing DNN

Just a few tips to remember when setting up or installing Dot Net Nuke on a machine.

  • Make sure the zip file is unblocked.
  • Ensure the files are not read-only.
  • Make sure “Network Service” has full control over the root directory where the install files are placed.
  • When setting up IIS, make sure the app pool is set to .Net Framework Version 4.0 and the Identity under Process Model is set to “NetworkService”.
  • Check the database, and second check that the user has db_owner permissions.

Windows Store “Slow Internet” Issue

Today I awoke to a weird message on my tablet. It kept hounding me when I would try to install apps saying that my internet connection was to slow… so I first went to Just to see how “slow” my internet is.


Well my GOODNESS! That isn’t slow at all. So how does one solve this problem?

Step 1) Press Windows + R buttons to bring up the run dialog.

Step 2) Enter “wsreset.exe” to reset your store app… (Will not delete anything you already have installed)

Step 3) Give up to 15 minutes for the store app to open property. Then try installing your apps again!

Step 4) Rejoice for it is working again!

Installing AMP on Ubuntu ( Apache, MySQL, and PHP)

Heads up! I know I am couple decades off on this post, however this is again just a document for myself. Yet I am choosing to share it with the rest of the world as well.

Before this small tutorial be sure to restart apache after each step. You can use either snippet below in the terminal to do so.

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart


sudo service apache2 restart


Installing Apache:

Step 1) Open terminal via any way possible.

Step 2) Copy and paste the command below and press Enter.

sudo apt-get install apache2

Step 3) Open and point a local web browser at http://localhost/ to test.

Installing PHP:

Step 1) Open terminal yet again.

Step 2) Copy and paste from below.

sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5

Step 3) Test PHP by creating a temp document in your /var/www/ folder.

test.php :

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Step 4) Save the file and open your web browser yet again. This time point her to http://localhost/test.php and see if anything loads.

Installing MySQL:

Step 1) Open terminal.

Step 2) Copy and paste from below.

sudo apt-get install mysql-server

Step 3) Follow on screen instructions.

Step 4) Edit the file /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and remove the semi-colon before “;”.

Step 5) Remember to restart and off you go!

Install .APK onto Android Emulator

This simple procedure is dead simple and in general, just a reminder to myself. But feel free to enjoy the wisdom/intellect as well.

1) Locate your platform-tools folder inside the SDK folder.

2) Then copy and paste your .apk into that folder. Rename it to something easy to type.

3) Open the command line at that folders path.

4) Type in command to check if emulator is running. (Be sure to start up your emulator.)

5) Now as long as you see your emulator running, proceed to this step. Type in the following command replacing abc.apk with the name of your .apk file.

6) Once completed, check your emulator and enjoy your application!


Today is the Day for Mango!

So I got up early this morning, prepped and in the zone to update my WP7 SDK to the new “Mango” release. However “Mango” isn’t completely out yet though. Only the 7.1 beta 2 is currently available for download so that had to work.

First off I went about uninstalling my previous WP7 developer tools from my Control Panel. Then I headed over to the App Hub and grabbed me a copy of the Mango installer. Once I had a copy on my local hard drive, I ran the application and let the tools enlighten me on why I am a C# developer in the first place.

After about 10 minutes of loading screens the install was finally complete. I opened up some of my older WP7 projects and like magic they all still worked and were compatible. I am already begging to like the new space I can reach out with in the new beta SDK and can’t wait to develop my knowledge further in the upcoming months. My favorite part right now is being able to install it with ease.


Simple Music SYNC for Android Phones… S-Droid

I know there are plenty of solutions that you can manage your music in and sync it to your android phone such as DoubleTwist, WinAmp, and The Missing Sync for Android and personally I use to use DoubleTwist as my favorite. Although now days it seems more and more time consuming waiting for DoubleTwist to scan my music files and sync them to my phone than I have time for.

My music collection consists of several hundreds of songs and I want my sync to go as fast, errorless, and as streamline as possible. I’ve finally created a simple Windows application that you can specify the location of your music, and then the drive letter of your phone(or SD Card in Phone) and have it copy your music over in seconds instead of minutes(unless you have a ton of music).

How to Install S-Droid:

First go ahead and head over to the download page in your favorite browser of choice and select the “Install” button(located at the bottom of this page).

Next you should see a Security Warning such as the one pictured below, press the “Install” button.


Next the application will download some online files it needs and check your OS for the .Net 4 Framework provided by Microsoft, if it does not find the Framework it will prompt you to install. Once the installer finishes it should Launch the program.


P.S. The music you want to be copied must all be either in the same folder, or you must select the folder the music is in individually. Current release ( does not include the feature to search through tree nodes for the music.

Download Link for S-Droid Application

By downloading the application S-Droid you take full responsibility if anything goes wrong with your phone or  any device you try and use it on. In no way is Taylor Brazelton, Ryanb58, or Tech-FYI responsible for any problems caused hardware or software. Please use with care and caution. I always suggest running a virus scanner before downloading anything else just don’t download the file. The application uses an active-X installer one-click created by MS VS 2010. Enjoy :D!

Starting a New Project! (CN: Splat)

I’d like to start a new project under the codename “Splat”. In this project I will be blogging about my experiences and tutorials on how to do certain things that pertain to the topic of choice. That topic of which is already decided by none other than me.

In this project I will be doing full walk through tutorials on how I will be setting up an old computer as a simple server to host my blog(s). You can follow me through this epic adventure I am about to take or you can just follow along and learn by watching. Either is fine with me, however there will be a lot of logical thinking along the way. Several problems may occur but I will prevail. Below I have listed the things I have estimated we will need on this journey. So don’t be afraid, just join me on this epic journey.

Estimated Prep. :

  • Dell GX270 desktop with 1gb of RAM and an 30gb plus hard drive.
  • A copy of Windows 7 and/or Ubuntu (undecided).
  • An external hard drive to copy the website files onto.
  • Good understanding of how a server and computer operates.
  • Knowledge on how to problem solve.
  • Good logging habits.
  • Time and effort, hopefully no money involved.
  • A video camera so that I can upload videos to any video sharing website.
  • Remembering how to port forward through a wireless router.

Virtual box! SHUT UP!

Virtual box is a program that allows you to run a second + operating system inside of your host computers OS via emulation software and hyper hardware. I am always getting the question of how do I install … on my computer using virtual box. Well thanks to this site, I won’t have to be guiding people through the entire installation process anymore. The site it’s self allows downloading of VDI files which are the hard drive files that VB runs off of. It’s a really new concept for a site so I suggest go check it out!