TOTD: Count the Rows displayed in a Table With Javascript/jQuery

I use to do a lot of simple things using JavaScript to manipulate webpages that were not mine. Whether it be to make the font size bigger, or theme a site to my preference, it never dawned on me that I would need it in the real world.

Here is a simple JavaScript function that anyone could of written. I use it to count the rows in a table when I am working with data on webpages. It is usually better as a bookmark.


Bug In 6sec Application

So the hype is all over the web with the new 6sec application that is an unofficial vine app for Windows Phone! It lets you view, share, re-vine, comment, and even upload new vines!

So what is the problem? Well I am running a Nokia Lumia 920 and it is a very powerful beast if I do say so myself. But after creating a vine, on the preview page before posting it; the preview of the vine just doesn’t work for me. It shows my last clip and that is it. The other clips it tries to play are all black with no audio.

The good news however is that I went ahead and posted the vine for the world to see. And it turned out pretty good… Enjoy it below for yourself!

Euclid Algorithm in C#

Over the past couple week I have been toying around with a cool algorithm called Euclid. The goal of the algorithm is to find the Greatest Common Devisor of two numbers.

To start out we will find the GCD(Greatest Common Devisor) of the numbers 252 and 105.

252 = 2*2*3*3*7 = (2^2)*(3^2)*7 = 21*12

105 = 3*5*7 = 5 * 21

means the GCD of 252 and 105 is 21

Now how does one do this via the Euclid Algorithm?

First you begin by dividing the bigger number by the smaller one…

252/105 = 2 remainder:42

Then you take the smaller number and divide it by the remained..

105/42 = 2 remainder:21

then again..

42/21 = 2 remainder:0

And that is how you can tell that 21 is your GCD.. because it is the number that can actually be divided by evenly with a remainder of 0.

Now I actually have written a program that does all this for you in so check out the code below and see if it works for you. Enjoy!

The HTC Titan Launch was Non-existent..

Today I got to my local AT&T store 30 minutes before they opened. Needless to say I was ready and the first person in line for the Titan. Minutes had gone by and I got to see several people try and argue with the sales men to let them in early to get their broken iPhone 4S’s fixed and then finally it happened. One of the salesmen came to the door announcing it was time to open the store. I was so excited because I was the first that got to walk inside. The first things out of my mouth was “Hi there, I am looking for the HTC titan.” and my response was they didn’t have it.. it was delayed or something.. blablabla…..

I can still order it online though..

4 Things to Always Keep in your Pockets(guys)

Alright, you’ll almost never catch me out and about with at least 3 of these 4 items.

First off is my wallet. It’s where I keep all my money, information, and important cards. It also helps to carry a simple guitar pick with you, which if you know how, you can do way more things with rather than just play the guitar. But a nice tune every now and then is also good to hear.

Second would be a key ring. it’s a good thing to have because as obvious by it’s name, it carries your keys to your home, apartment, and maybe even your car keys. Also in a life death situation, should you be in one. You can stretch out a medal key ring to help you link 2 pieces of wire together to blow up all the zombies attacking(Movie: Zombieland).

Third is my cell phone. I can’t go anywhere with out it. It’s my universal communicator and I love it to death. It’s got all the way access to calling or receiving any text messages for me, myself, and I. Anyways… how else would I communicate with the ladies? ;)

Forth and final would have to be a simple MP3 player. You know when you stand in those long long long lines that take forever? Well that may as well be the time to listen to a new song you just downloaded or maybe have an audio book play for you. Either way those fast food restaurants aren’t always as fast as you think, so remember to sync before you leave.

What is an item you always carry around with you? No matter how weird, theres always a reason for it… Right?

Flash MOB!

Alright, flash mobs are just amazing! I’d love to see more of these, but in my area of the country people are pretty much just boring. I wish I could be evolved in one but who doesn’t. If you don’t know what a flash mob is, take it from me. Flash mobs are awesome!

It’s when a lot of people get together at home or at some dance studio(I’m talking more then 30+ or 50+ people for that fact) and they all learn the same dance routine to a song and then they go out in public and meet on a certain time, on a certain day. Then BAM! Flash Mob! Some one in charge gets the store or mall to play the song over speakers and the people start randomly dancing to it. They are pretty amazing looking if you ever get a chance to see one. People post YouTube videos of them so why are you still reading my blog post… Go watch some.

Here are some cool flash mob’s I found on YouTube. Enjoy!









If you want more just follow this link and search through them! Their awesome!

Thoughts on Mac OS X running in Virtualbox

First impressions are always the best impressions… So why am I not impressed with Mac to begin with? Well this may be because I had such a hard time getting Mac to run on my PC or because Apple didn’t want me to run it on my PC. Either way I wasn’t happy. I’m not rich, so I don’t have a couple thousand just laying around the house that I can go out and buy an Apple product with. I am on a budget and so why not anyone else.

This has been a long debated argument between nerds and geeks all over. Mac VS PC… When will the debating ever stop? Well it probably won’t until Apple and Microsoft join forces and combine companies, and operating systems. There is no winner. I use Windows for my business and my media… but only because it’s what I can afford. In this economy who can afford a 2,000$ Mac that can do less than a 500$ PC… I sure can’t and I am not about to now.

If you don’t know what virtual box is or what it does then go Google or Bing it. It is basically a piece of software that runs one OS inside another. With the helpful blog post over at Tek411 you can easily run Mac OS X Snow SL on your windows machine. Now remember… it’s an OS inside of an OS so make sure you have a pretty high performance PC before trying anything of the sort… I spend 550$ on my HP with 8gb RAM and 1tr HD, which is 3 to 5x less than the average Mac. The VM is using 3 of my 8gb of RAM, and it has an extendable 20gb harddrive… virtually of course.

The speed of the operating system is very nice. It’s got a glass/smooth metalic look to the OS. When presented with the problem of figuring out why I couldn’t get audio however, I got pretty good suppose from the community when wondering why, and they helped me fix the issue with a kext.

iChat is what I have to complement the Mac for, it’s elegance and simplicity is very exciting for myself. I chat with people a lot about tech stuff and such, and sometimes I even chat with my family, however on Windows there isn’t any real standard IMing client that’s sleek and speedy for my needs. Even though I only use gmail and AIM accounts in the software it is still a very steady and reliable program. I hope to find many more programs for my VMed Mac and maybe share some of them with you.

Do you like you Mac’s?

Windows 7 won’t let me port forward?

After a few minutes of trying to port forward a website from my desktop PC to the outside web, and being unsuccessful. I found a simple and easy solution that hopefully might help you to.

  1. First set your router up for the port forward.
  2. On the machine that your website or game host is on, hit the “Start” button.
  3. Search for “firewall”, and select “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” from the list.
  4. In the center you should see an overview window, select the “Windows Firewall Properties” button on the bottom.
  5. Now a simple properties box should pop up, select the “Private Profile” tab.
  6. Under “Inbound connections” change the option to “Allow”.
  7. Hit “Apply” than “OK” and you can be on your way with your port forwarding computer.

Hope that helps, leave any suggestions or questions in the comments below.