Full Time Employment!

smartfile-150x50Hello friends. Over the past few years I have been on a journey to do two specific things. First to gain my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, then to receive the opportunity of full time employment at a great company. I am two classes away from obtaining my degree, and have just accepted a full time position at SmartFile. I would say that I am very excited that I have almost achieved both!

First off, please check out the history section on my About page. This goes through some of the major steps I took to get to this point in my life. Then, I want to thank all of the people mentioned on that page plus my parents for their help and commitment as they pushed me to be the best me I can be. Finally, I will be starting as a full time Software Engineer/Junior Developer doing all kinds of neat things at SmartFile on January the 4th.

Thank you and have a wonderful New Year everybody!

IUPUI Computer Science Day

Hello Computer Science Day! At IUPUI(Indiana University — Purdue University Indianapolis) we celebrated today(3/13/2015), a great day, by inviting out some local high schools that have programming classes to come test their students skills. We had three contests going on for a bit over two hours each. From game development to advances programming techniques, the students got to come and test their skills via trying their skills at some challenges put together by us college kids.

I ended up helping with the Advance Programming Content. here is a picture of the classroom and some of the students:

WP_20150313_10_24_08_Pro WP_20150313_10_24_15_Pro

Also here is a small glimpse of the Q and A session being led by Dr. Hill:


And last but not least, one of me accidentally disobeying a rule, obviously fixing my mistake after getting my friend Naeem to take a picture of me:

Check out that bowl cut though ;)


All-in-all the competitions went very well. I wasn’t one of the people whom planned this event. However, I did get the chance to grab lunch with a few of the students and maybe sway some of their minds towards attending IUPUI. Anyways, have a great Pi(3.14…) day tomorrow!


How To Solve Problems

Sticky Note with Keywords about problem solving.Over the past few weeks I have noticed a trend showing up in the questions people have been asking me. Questions like “How did you do that?” and “Why did you think like that?” have been thrown around quite a bit. Therefore, I am using this post to represent a WORA(write once read anywhere) article.

Solving problems is a skill. You don’t just pick up a football and instantly become part of the NFL. You take your time, train your body, work hard to become something of which you want to be. Same goes for the skill of figuring things out. When you don’t use your brain, it weakens. Whereas if you are solving problems daily your brain starts to tie things together, strengthening you mind.

Hopefully this clears things up. I simply break things down, and I do it often. It isn’t about knowing a lot, it is about being able to take appropriate steps backwards and reassessing each issue. Anyone can do it, just don’t let yourself become flustered.

USB Powered Fan

Tonight I wanted to make something I could use with some old computer parts. After 5 minutes of gathering up what I could find; scrap wise. I was able to conger up this old computer fan and a USB cable. Putting them together was easy until I couldn’t find a lighter to melt the insulation off of the wires. Ended up getting my father to go get me one, then running into the problem of not having any electrical tape to cover the bare wires. As you can see I fixed that with some simple blue painters tape that was laying around our house. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to tell me what you’ve made in the comment section below!

Know Your Computer Desk…Here is Mine.

  1. Take a look around your room and where you desk is located in all the clutter. It’s always a good idea for us geeks to take a few minutes out of the day to clean up our areas because lets get real. If it weren’t for our mothers while growing up we still wouldn’t put those chips back where we found them…
  2. Know what’s in your desk. You may seem surprised or stupefied by the small sentence, however in the long run it may just be a useful piece of information. Such as when you can’t find any more wire-ties when there is a whole brand new box of them in the bottom of a cabinet in of your desk. You could save a couple bucks just with that information in your brain.

Those are just some simple guidelines I try and follow through out all my nerdy days and I encourage you to try and do the same. Below I have posted some simple pictures of my desks setup at the current time being. My room is a bit messing in the sides of the pictures because I am in the middle of trying to figure out what all I want to recycle/keep/donate in my room. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

2011-06-20 23.44.20

The white machine in the lower-right hand corner is a dummy machine at the moment.

2011-06-20 23.44.27

My 1st place winning CISCO wallpaper is the background on my computer. What’s yours?

2011-06-20 23.44.51

The black HP box is powering the 2 dual monitors on top of the desk.

2011-06-20 23.45.28

The basket was hand crafted by me when I was little, it’s nice to put small trinkets in such as USB wireless cards and flash drives.

Cool CISCO Wallpapers:

This past year(2011) in my CISCO class we had a contest to see who could make the best CISCO wallpapers. The prize was a Wireless N business router and I had a Wireless G v5 from back in the older days and I was in need of an upgrade so I decided I wanted to win via shear numbers. So here were my entry’s.

First Place:


Second Place:











Please distribute with care. And I ask that you please link back to my website if you use any of my wallpapers. Thank you and enjoy:)!

Labor Day Lock Up!

Labor Day! An awesome day until you actually have to show effort and work. Then, it’s just like any other day in life, however this labor day I had a strange problem I had to fix. My older sister is currently in college and uses her laptop for all her projects, papers, and games.

That’s right, you heard me! GAMES! The pointless way of slowly compressing your life into one big ball of snot! I am not a gamer and have never been so. Maybe in the future I shall, but at the current state of my life I will not!

Dinner Dash, Farmville, and much much more was installed on her computer and while cleaning out all of her gamming habit like software, I noticed that after uninstalling a game(i will not mention) the computer’s DPI would change on me. This not being to much of a problem, being that we all have bad eyes in the family, I let it slide. After returning her laptop she told me it wouldn’t run aero. This being a very strange problem indeed. I knew her computer specs were well good enough to do so, so on the last note that some adware or viruses were on her computer I decided to investigate.

I first checked her running processes for anything that looked suspicious, then after not seeing anything I could out of mind,  I decided to look deeper into the problem. I though maybe a simple restore will suffice, however looking at the changed programs for the restore point created the day before, I could not see any differences in program files.

In the end I finally just broke down and restored my sisters computer to an restore point about a day before I uninstalled all her games and adware, and now she has to live with her adware for how ever long she decides before she backs up her files and folders. Remember one thing good folks, never install anything before you do good research on the item you want to download, and always make a restore point before installing or uninstalling anything! Oh and sleeping is for the dead!