The Ultimate Cell Carrier…

I personally have AT&T as my cell phones carrier, but that is so I can have the unlimited talk between my family members. Here are a few good ideas for anyone wanting to start the next generation of carriers and actually wants to succeed.

  • Let everyone choose what features they want freely. No packaging plan crap.
  • Don’t have a plan over 25$ extra a month in the data region(5gb is preferred per month at 25$).
  • Have a mobile or online application that is well advertised to the customers that lets people mark dead spots plus good spots as well.
  • Don’t load your cell phones with bloat ware(AT&T).. this only makes the user want to switch carriers.
  • If you do load bloat ware, make sure the phone is unlocked and rooted(Android) and jailbroken(iPhone) and also unlocking(WP7). This includes the option to completely remove the bloat ware for the user.
  • Encourage an open source and easy to implement radio band. Preferably with a SIM like card so users can switch phones with out going to the carriers stores all the time and asking for customer support(Verizon)…
  • Report the actual speeds of your network when users ask how fast is the Edge network, 3G network, and 4G networks are. Don’t leave the user and customer guessing, this is a bad way of showing customer respect.
  • Show large support for smart phones and their users but never let the people with just talk die away.
  • Have senior plans, say people 55+ get their plans at half the cost but the phones stay the same price wise(we know giving free data doesn’t put you behind that much).


And these are only a few late night ideas I had. If you have anymore ideas for any startup or existing carriers leave them in the comment section below.

Cool CISCO Wallpapers:

This past year(2011) in my CISCO class we had a contest to see who could make the best CISCO wallpapers. The prize was a Wireless N business router and I had a Wireless G v5 from back in the older days and I was in need of an upgrade so I decided I wanted to win via shear numbers. So here were my entry’s.

First Place:


Second Place:











Please distribute with care. And I ask that you please link back to my website if you use any of my wallpapers. Thank you and enjoy:)!

Official Android Froyo 2.2 Update for AT&T Samsung Captivate

After months and months of playing with a leaked ROM of android 2.2, they finally decided to pass out the present to everyone else. I received a text tonight announcing the release of Froyo to all Captivate owners through the use of a desktop PC and Samsung Kies Mini. This process not being the one I expected, I still accepted the challenge. I’d much rather be on the official ROM anyways.

The process of going back from the rooted, leaked version of the ROM wasn’t to difficult because I’ve done it before.. actually several times. Then after installing the Kies Mini program and starting it up, it seemed to not be recognizing my device.. long story short. I just had to restart my computer after the drivers were installed and then wait about 5 min for it to be recognized(in debug mode).

A weird problem I had after updating was that the speaker on the back of the phone just wouldn’t play any sound. I though I had physically hurt my device somehow, unknowingly. So I decided to restore the phone back to factory in the settings App on the phone. After doing so the sound worked and works even to this day very well.

– (I am in the U.S.A.) –