How It Boots.. Loader, Kernel, and Operating Systems

Over the past few days I’ve been messing around with my old Captivate. Good ol cappy. And now that she’s not my main phone I can finally mod and shape her the way I want. Now just warning you this isn’t the most interesting subject so turn away now If you really don’t care how each piece of my Captivate works.

First I had to become enlightened how the boot process of an Android Phone works. Now I’m no OS or java junkie by any means but I like to get down in the dirt sometimes and mess things up. So off to the web I went. I googled and binged for information about what boot loaders where and how kernels functioned, but in the long run I just kind of got myself all confused. However I’m taking this moment to tell you everything in this article is basically an educational guess of what I think this stuff means.

Boot Loader: This from my understanding is the piece of code that sits on the device that basically tells the nothing entity how to start up the device, and to start running the installed OS’s kernel. This piece of code lives on the system’s “motherboard” in her chips and usually is specific to the device it’s contained in.

Kernel: The kernel is like a layer between the Hardware and the Operating system it’s self. It provides the ability to read/write I/O devices, manage resources, and set up an use a file system. Over all it basically provides connections between the OS and the physical system it’s self.

Operating System: This one should be easy to know. Your using one right now to read this webpage in fact. Maybe your on a mobile phone that runs Android, IOS, or Windows Phone. If not your probably using Linux, Windows or Mac. These are all types of Operating systems. It’s code on top of the kernel that allows for user interaction. Obviously though if the user is interacting with the OS it’s flowing through the kernel to do so, don’t get the two confused. The OS provides a GUI interface for the user to enjoy while managing the kernel to do the work of reading/writing to a flash drive, or getting data from the network card.

Hopefully that clears something up for you. Enjoy!

Free Monkeys! For Me?

Yes it is true. I am getting free trained monkeys! They have been dispatched to my house in search for a key I’m suppose to give them.. but will probably forget to do.. Just look at the picture below!


Why You’d Want A Front Facing Camera On Your Phone.

Alright, so for all you android users such as myself, you know that doing things faster and funnier are always just around the corner with so many awesome developers for the platform out there. Well I was just plowing through video after video on YouTube tonight, and I found an awesome application that used facial recognition to allow a person to unlock an application.

The app’s name is “Visidon AppLock” made by none other than Visidon. The application looks very promising however I do not currently own an android device with facial recognition so don’t take my word for it, go try it out your self. The catch like all things that are awesome, is that the application is only compatible with phones that are running android 2.3 or above and that have front facing cameras.

I see this application as a reason for me to buy a new android phone, even though I do own the Android Captivate for AT&T currently. I’d love a I-9000 edition of my phone.


Just adding a small bit extra to this post and to inform the designer about how to make an even cooler application out of the current AppLock. If you made a lock screen that unlocked your phone via the method used that’d be a pretty cool application all in it’s self. Maybe even one that people with front facing camera’s would pay a small fee for. But remember… try and add some security so that if I have a picture of the owners phone laying around I can’t just hold that up to the phone and gain access that way either. Maybe a certain spot where the owner touches the screen invisibly or something as well would be secure enough.

Simple Music SYNC for Android Phones… S-Droid

I know there are plenty of solutions that you can manage your music in and sync it to your android phone such as DoubleTwist, WinAmp, and The Missing Sync for Android and personally I use to use DoubleTwist as my favorite. Although now days it seems more and more time consuming waiting for DoubleTwist to scan my music files and sync them to my phone than I have time for.

My music collection consists of several hundreds of songs and I want my sync to go as fast, errorless, and as streamline as possible. I’ve finally created a simple Windows application that you can specify the location of your music, and then the drive letter of your phone(or SD Card in Phone) and have it copy your music over in seconds instead of minutes(unless you have a ton of music).

How to Install S-Droid:

First go ahead and head over to the download page in your favorite browser of choice and select the “Install” button(located at the bottom of this page).

Next you should see a Security Warning such as the one pictured below, press the “Install” button.


Next the application will download some online files it needs and check your OS for the .Net 4 Framework provided by Microsoft, if it does not find the Framework it will prompt you to install. Once the installer finishes it should Launch the program.


P.S. The music you want to be copied must all be either in the same folder, or you must select the folder the music is in individually. Current release ( does not include the feature to search through tree nodes for the music.

Download Link for S-Droid Application

By downloading the application S-Droid you take full responsibility if anything goes wrong with your phone or  any device you try and use it on. In no way is Taylor Brazelton, Ryanb58, or Tech-FYI responsible for any problems caused hardware or software. Please use with care and caution. I always suggest running a virus scanner before downloading anything else just don’t download the file. The application uses an active-X installer one-click created by MS VS 2010. Enjoy :D!

Undiscovered yet cool Game for Android

I’ve had an my android captivate since way back of August of 2010 and since then I’ve always kept my eye out for brand new games and applications that have that niche of cool that is needed to make it big time in the app store Google provides. However even though I’m not the reviewing type of person this game is absolutely amazing and I have to share it.

The games called “Speedx 3D Free” and yet kind of like an cube runner type for android at first; then it begins to unfold into an assortment of awesome pipes you must go through, run on top of, and even ones that flatten out. Your goal is to just keep going through the rails and dodge all the blocks and moving shapes to get the highest score(tracked by Open Faint). The games very intense 3D wise even if the images are flat however I see this game to be the start of several games for the future to reveal.

Mobile games have always been criticized and abandoned, however if the android platform can continue to provide this type of intensity and allow it to be on a mobile platform; then hopefully this developer(s) can launch some pretty amazing apps in the future as well. This is an application I wouldn’t mind paying 99 cents for.

Official Android Froyo 2.2 Update for AT&T Samsung Captivate

After months and months of playing with a leaked ROM of android 2.2, they finally decided to pass out the present to everyone else. I received a text tonight announcing the release of Froyo to all Captivate owners through the use of a desktop PC and Samsung Kies Mini. This process not being the one I expected, I still accepted the challenge. I’d much rather be on the official ROM anyways.

The process of going back from the rooted, leaked version of the ROM wasn’t to difficult because I’ve done it before.. actually several times. Then after installing the Kies Mini program and starting it up, it seemed to not be recognizing my device.. long story short. I just had to restart my computer after the drivers were installed and then wait about 5 min for it to be recognized(in debug mode).

A weird problem I had after updating was that the speaker on the back of the phone just wouldn’t play any sound. I though I had physically hurt my device somehow, unknowingly. So I decided to restore the phone back to factory in the settings App on the phone. After doing so the sound worked and works even to this day very well.

– (I am in the U.S.A.) –

AT&T is with-out data plan?

As most of you know I am a proud owner of an Samsung Captivate, this of which I have a 200Mb data plan in which I pay 15$ a month for. I love my phone and I have stressed it to it’s limits however I wish I had an unlimited plan. 30$ extra is a price I’m willing to pay if they had the option anymore that is. Here is a video where I rant on and on about how the mobile networks work, and their profiteering off of everyone.

Captivate the whole picture

This is my blog so I can vent freely right? Well I’ve been waiting for android 2.2 on my Captivate by Samsung device since it’s release in August. It’s been over 2 months now and some phones are starting to even get updates to their 2.2 devices. I’ve been really patient but since the release of the Tab, I’d kind of like some attention for Samsung and let them know I’d like my device updated from 2.1 to 2.2 already. I hope they somehow see and listen to this post.

Anyways like everyone’s life, school comes first, or should on that fact. Well as you might know I’m in a class for CISCO networking at a career and technical center that’s branched off my original school. Well I’ve decided to update you on what we’ve been doing, and it’s really not that complex. We’ve been working with router configs and such in order to hook up 2+ computers via ethernet cables to their own routers, then attaching a switch and then assigning static IP’s to all of the connected computers. It’s been an actually cool class, and every now and then we have small visitors from middle schools and elementary schools pass by that we get to wave and and pretend to talk like we know a lot to. It’s been pretty amazing so far.

Well I hope you had a great Halloween week! It’s been pretty fun with me, I’ve spend time with amazing friends, and even got to dress up with gold hair! I doubt I’ll post any pictures though. Remember to drop me a line via email or twitter sometime!  I end this post with a smile and an explosion! :)

Updated Android Captivate from 2.1 to 2.1update1 ?

Alright, tonight after work I decided to check the update section of my captivate, for any luck on my phone being updated to 2.2 like Samsung promised. However to my surprise when i downloaded and updated my phone to the new 2.1 update 1 It wasn’t at all the 2.2 Froyo update I had wanted. 

There are some good things about the update though, when you first start up your phone the media scan goes really fast. Also I seem to be able to upload YouTube videos with much more ease. One last thing on the part of YouTube, I noticed that the widget had been updated. Now it shows the most viewed videos fading in and out right next to the search button.

That’s my small review of the night on the new android update for the Samsung Captivate. And yes I probably missed things, so be a gent or lady and leave a comment below on anything I missed out on.


First YouTube Video using my New Samsung Captivate!


Life is one moving ball of fire! That’s right, and after my birthday this past week I had to get a good gadget that would let me do all my smart phone and iPod Touch needs all in one device. Not wanting the iPhone 4 because I am not rich like some of your guru’s out there. I went with the even better, but cheaper in cost; Samsung Captivate!

The cost for the new Captivate is roughly 200$ at the AT&T store, however I got mine for only 144$ at Best Buys. Now this was because I did have an expired upgrade handy thanks to my dad, which was his birthday gift to me(I used his upgrade and gave him my old phone). I also didn’t go with the higher 2gb plan that AT&T offered, instead I just went with the 200mb plan and then I connect to WI-FI when ever I get a chance so to save me bandwidth and give me faster speeds.

I’m not going to review the device, that’s one of my most obvious pet peeves because plainly, I suck at reviews. However there may be some how-to videos and such about using the android platform in general coming this way. So add me to your RSS feeds or follow me on Twitter to get my latest updates!