My First Published Windows Phone Application


OriginalFinally it’s here! My first Windows Phone application just got published in the Marketplace.

The idea is simple… keep track of the money your spending/earning. Below is the marketplace description I gave the app. Feel free to download and enjoy!

P.S. The application is FREE! :D!

“Paper Tracker simplifies the daily task of keeping track of your money! It lets you add entries that log you spending money, but also lets you add entries when you receive money! Then using its amazing formulas and calculations; it spits out the amount you have left and puts it in BIG letters at the top of the screen. Now you can see how much “paper” you have left right from your phone!

*Disclamer* This app does not upload any personal spending data to the web. All information is kept locally for the users safeguard. “



Free Monkeys! For Me?

Yes it is true. I am getting free trained monkeys! They have been dispatched to my house in search for a key I’m suppose to give them.. but will probably forget to do.. Just look at the picture below!


Best Video Game So Far!

Minecraft is a unique game.. really though, it’s awesome! I have been slacking and playing Minecraft for the past few days and I know I’m suppose to be blogging, it’s just the game is so dang fun. I have a hidden server set up; me and my friend “Kurt” have been digging and chopping and watering all kinds of stuff. He’s shown me how to find and smelt iron to building a waterfall off our mountain so we can get down quicker.

I can’t wait for the final release.. get it before the final comes out and you’ll basically be getting it for 10$ off.. with all the updates free!


Inventions Dying? Writing Your Own Theory? Make it possible.

The past few years have brought us plenty of technology and as the advancement of technology grows there needs to still be room more invention. For when we stop inventing we stop evolving and how would that make us human?

Well today I was viewing a YouTube video that shows OnLive’s CEO Steve Perlman revealing an amazing workaround that literally removes dead zones from wireless technologies, which does in fact break Shannon Laws limits. This tapping really showed me and let me think about how inventing has become a thing of the past. There is an infinite amount of technology and just stuff in general that has yet to be invented and really most of those thoughts have been thought of either by me or you. The fact of the matter is that people just aren’t putting the effort into inventing anymore, therefore money isn’t being invested into new products and thoughts for hungry minds. I personally try my best to write a note down or send a message to myself on my phone when I think of new ideas. Because I know that even the littlest of changes could mean the most, and leave a major impact on the world of today.

Here are 2 inventions that I think are pretty cool and usefull. Check them out and leave a comment below if you have your own!

Power Aware Cord: This is an eccentric power cord that really shows the power flowing. With it’s beautiful design it may just guilt you into turning off that TV when you go to the bathroom during a commercial break, or even turn down that bass on your favorite boom box. You see with the idea of going green growing, we may just all have to face the fact that we need to save a little power and put a few bucks back in our pockets.

Xbox 360 Kinect System: This is a great system in which I even own. The Kinect is the competitor to the Nintendo Wii and the Sony Move. But how well does it work? Well owning one I have to say “Pretty dang good”. I own about 5 games for it currently and now that their releasing an PC SDK for this piece of amazing hardware I can’t wait to tinker with it using XNA or whatever Microsoft puts out for us.

Look around on the internet, there are tons more than the 2 cool ones I’ve listed above. Now go and don’t ever be afraid to invent!

Cool CISCO Wallpapers:

This past year(2011) in my CISCO class we had a contest to see who could make the best CISCO wallpapers. The prize was a Wireless N business router and I had a Wireless G v5 from back in the older days and I was in need of an upgrade so I decided I wanted to win via shear numbers. So here were my entry’s.

First Place:


Second Place:











Please distribute with care. And I ask that you please link back to my website if you use any of my wallpapers. Thank you and enjoy:)!

Undiscovered yet cool Game for Android

I’ve had an my android captivate since way back of August of 2010 and since then I’ve always kept my eye out for brand new games and applications that have that niche of cool that is needed to make it big time in the app store Google provides. However even though I’m not the reviewing type of person this game is absolutely amazing and I have to share it.

The games called “Speedx 3D Free” and yet kind of like an cube runner type for android at first; then it begins to unfold into an assortment of awesome pipes you must go through, run on top of, and even ones that flatten out. Your goal is to just keep going through the rails and dodge all the blocks and moving shapes to get the highest score(tracked by Open Faint). The games very intense 3D wise even if the images are flat however I see this game to be the start of several games for the future to reveal.

Mobile games have always been criticized and abandoned, however if the android platform can continue to provide this type of intensity and allow it to be on a mobile platform; then hopefully this developer(s) can launch some pretty amazing apps in the future as well. This is an application I wouldn’t mind paying 99 cents for.

Official Android Froyo 2.2 Update for AT&T Samsung Captivate

After months and months of playing with a leaked ROM of android 2.2, they finally decided to pass out the present to everyone else. I received a text tonight announcing the release of Froyo to all Captivate owners through the use of a desktop PC and Samsung Kies Mini. This process not being the one I expected, I still accepted the challenge. I’d much rather be on the official ROM anyways.

The process of going back from the rooted, leaked version of the ROM wasn’t to difficult because I’ve done it before.. actually several times. Then after installing the Kies Mini program and starting it up, it seemed to not be recognizing my device.. long story short. I just had to restart my computer after the drivers were installed and then wait about 5 min for it to be recognized(in debug mode).

A weird problem I had after updating was that the speaker on the back of the phone just wouldn’t play any sound. I though I had physically hurt my device somehow, unknowingly. So I decided to restore the phone back to factory in the settings App on the phone. After doing so the sound worked and works even to this day very well.

– (I am in the U.S.A.) –