Your Smartwatch Is Lame

Here it is, the beginning of December and all your friends can do is talk about their super hipster Apple Watch or Microsoft Bands. Yet, you and I, we know the truth. We understand that these are just gimmicks. These are the corporate prototypes and our friends are the beta testers. Most interesting part of all? The corporations that sell these prototypes, are making a profit from it.

One now concludes that the writer of this post must have some complaints, but no. I do not have complains about these products. I have suggestions, improvements, and features that need to be satisfied. Before these are introduced into the world, here is a few features I expect.

Water Proof: This one is super important. A person shouldn’t have to remove their watch while swimming or taking a shower. Whereas most are “sweat resistant”; that is still not “water proof”.

Longer Battery: Smart watches currently have only a day or two of battery power. Until we get these to at least a week, these devices will not be as popular as expected. As someone who has a fitbit, current smartwatches just can’t compare. Maybe one day.

Clunky: Let’s be honest, these guys aren’t the snug fit that a rolex provides, nor will they be within the next year. Maybe your pebble feels right, but is it even touch screen yet?

Needless to say the current line of smartwatches are pathetic and do not live up to my idea of what a smart watch should have. However, they are getting close. I predict in around 5 years we will have smartwatches with these fixed feature/issues. During that time, I’ll just have to keep checking the time with my phone.

Windows Store “Slow Internet” Issue

Today I awoke to a weird message on my tablet. It kept hounding me when I would try to install apps saying that my internet connection was to slow… so I first went to Just to see how “slow” my internet is.


Well my GOODNESS! That isn’t slow at all. So how does one solve this problem?

Step 1) Press Windows + R buttons to bring up the run dialog.

Step 2) Enter “wsreset.exe” to reset your store app… (Will not delete anything you already have installed)

Step 3) Give up to 15 minutes for the store app to open property. Then try installing your apps again!

Step 4) Rejoice for it is working again!

7 Interesting Apps for Windows Phone 8

Alright you’ve probably heard of most of these, but if not be sure you check them out!


First up is Baconit. This is one of them most full features and easy to use applications that allows access to Reddit in mobile form. The application has some pretty awesome features such as notifications and a live tile to subreddits. But not least the application is actually fun to use and have a community in.

96d5de3b-33e6-4614-8a94-4d6d9ef8f12fNext up is WordPress. This application is how I manage my website/blog from my phone. It allows me to check for new comments and reply to them; see the stat’s of views, along with letting me even write a quick post from my phone!


74f8d080-ddd3-45ad-af26-eddd67944e74Ever looking for an RSS reader or just an application that would let you read posts and articles later on in the day? Weave News Reader is a pretty awesome app that can give your phone that functionality. In fact.. you can even add my own blog to the reader as well. Winking smile 


64224af8-cd8d-40cf-9ad9-e0efd6b6252eLike taking pictures? Instagram is probably an application that you use to use then. Instance is an app allows for us Windows Phone users to participate as well. You can post pictures, add comments, and even like other people’s photo’s!


d7717f65-a76e-4701-936c-003fd68bdc7dTaking pictures is a lot of fun but sometimes you can’t always get that action shot you truly need. Blink is an application by Microsoft Research that takes around 14 photo’s at the same time( in repetition ) and then puts them together as an animation for later playback.


ffc75e0c-b1b5-4d28-9659-f2a0286f86b0I’m not often suggestive of games, however I found Zombie HQ to be a seriously entertaining time waster! If you have the chance to play it, well… Don’t wait, just do! I hear they even have a Windows 8 version too!


c03dd7d2-cc49-4c77-8168-be557ffbee9eAlright so there are plenty of cool social media experiments going on now days. In fact a cool one by Microsoft is their However that is not what this application is. Rando is a random picture experiment that is actually pretty awesome! You take a random picture of something appropriate and send it out with your general location. Then later on in the day you get sent a random photo with it’s location as well. It may sound a bit idiotic and boring, but this is truly addictive and fun to see what kind of creative things people from all around the world make and send.

This is the end to my list, therefore I hope that you get a chance to enjoy some of these same apps that I use almost everyday. Let me know via a comment if you have any apps that you would suggest myself or other readers to try as well!


First YouTube Video using my New Samsung Captivate!


Life is one moving ball of fire! That’s right, and after my birthday this past week I had to get a good gadget that would let me do all my smart phone and iPod Touch needs all in one device. Not wanting the iPhone 4 because I am not rich like some of your guru’s out there. I went with the even better, but cheaper in cost; Samsung Captivate!

The cost for the new Captivate is roughly 200$ at the AT&T store, however I got mine for only 144$ at Best Buys. Now this was because I did have an expired upgrade handy thanks to my dad, which was his birthday gift to me(I used his upgrade and gave him my old phone). I also didn’t go with the higher 2gb plan that AT&T offered, instead I just went with the 200mb plan and then I connect to WI-FI when ever I get a chance so to save me bandwidth and give me faster speeds.

I’m not going to review the device, that’s one of my most obvious pet peeves because plainly, I suck at reviews. However there may be some how-to videos and such about using the android platform in general coming this way. So add me to your RSS feeds or follow me on Twitter to get my latest updates!

WP7 not support download of .XAP from browser…

Today while tinkering around with my jailbroken iPod Touch I decided to see if the WP7 emulator would allow me to send a packed application through the browser and install it directly onto the phone. Apparently this isn’t possible with WP7 because I got the error that Windows Phone doesn’t suppose this file. But apparently it must in marketplace?


What does this mean for Microsoft? No open market of applications? Will there have to be another court order against Microsoft, hasn’t the company learned from past mistakes and the several thousand made by Apple. Open is the only way to go in the software validating company. What do you believe Windows Phone 7 should allow… After all, we paid for the device right?

My 7 Favorite Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets

Here are my favorite 7 desktop gadgets in Windows 7. These are listed in no particular order and I personally don’t use them that often but if you do, here are my favorite!

  • Windows Media Center — I like this one because it gives me the freedom to browser my internet TV from my desktop. It’s simple and sleek, the style of it is very attractive especially with all the fading image effects.


  • Cloud Notes – This is an very nice application if you have some text or a list of stuff you want to keep online. It allows you the ability to simply type in a shopping list or something similar and then when out at the store where you forgot to print the list off or left it in the car makes it available online in your Google docks. Which of course is accessible by almost any mobile browser.


  • Weather Bug – This is a nice little application with lots of features. It tells you the current temp., Hi, Lo, and can even show you extended forecasts. To really see how helpful this gadget is you really just have to install it and try it for a couple months to really understand.


  • DVD(CD)-ROM tray Open/Close – This application is just a simple one I find interesting because I am to lazy to reach my Open/Close button on my DVD tray.


  • CPU Meter – Simple application that comes with windows that provides you feedback on how your computers resources and RAM is being used via a dial type interface.


  • WordPress Gadget – This is a simple gadget that allows me simple links on my desktop to my blog.


  • HP Photo Print – Simple gadget that gives me access to my HP printer over WIFI. I can drag and drop images and almost any type of file onto the gadgets stage and it will then begin to print instantly(sometimes gives options before printing).


Now that I’ve named my top 7 gadgets, lets hear some of your favorite gadgets in the comment section below. Don’t be afraid to post links!